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Deaf By Karaoke Hire Units

With a Deaf By Karaoke Hire Unit you benefit from a decade of experience and attention to detail...

Karaoke is our specialty. We do it properly or we go hungry. There are units available elsewhere if you want to skimp on your party, but not from us.

Your Deaf By Karaoke hire unit has been built with you and your party in mind. What's more, we deliver it, set it up to suit your venue, fully test it on site, run you through its features, then pick it up the next day.

It's easy to operate, has two high quality vocalist microphones, an extra screen facing the audience so they can sing along too, a 400W multi function mixer amp with two gutsy speaker bins for superb stereo sound.

Regularly updated Songlists have hundreds of songs from genres such as Rock, Retro, Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, Country & Ballads. There's a song for every taste.

The songs are the most authentic versions we can find, so you'll feel as if you're singing along with the original recording. More often than not you will be.

And when it's time to take a break from singing, you can access your own iPod music at the press of a button, or we can even provide an iPod for you.

Contact Us by email, phone or even snail mail for more details. You can check out our Prices here too.

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